Monday, May 5, 2008

California Love


Finally, what I've been saying the past 3 years..."MVP MVP MVP!!!" has come to fruitation. I mean not only did the "ex" greatest player to never win an MVP score 81 a few seasons back or strung up an average of 40 + in the Month of March a few years back or led his team to the playoffs with injuries and lack of talent in the difficult west only to lose to the former "contenders" (now pretenders back to the drawing board phoenix) but, Kobe Bean Bryant finally received due recognition. They say he never passed but he now he passes up baskets, they say he couldn't lead but now he takes the team for dinner and a game from time to time just to keep the team clicking. (Read the story here) We will remember this year as the year in which the Lakers created a new dynasty with Kobe at the forefront. Can you feel the sting of The Black Mamba

Lil Wayne-- California Love Feat Tyga

Saturday, May 3, 2008

The Empire Strikes BARACK

Ok so I'm up early getting ready for work (or about to) and I'm drawn to youtube, etc... I find this video in which in my opinion is amusing. Ok real funny. I just love how all these youtubers love Barack Obama my vote for the 2008 democratic presidential nominee and my vote for the president for the next 4 yrs (8 because it took Bush that long to F*** up the US). Those who vote for Hilary are just afraid of change because McCain is similar to Bush and you're only willing to vote For Hillary because she then becomes Billary (copyright that shit hahaha). Anyways here's the main point, the video.........