Friday, August 29, 2008

Let The Games Begin

Now that John McCain has deployed his greatest idea to date (which now really scares me), the Presidential Race seems like a toss up and I am personally going to do anything I can (like voting for the first time), to help the Barack Obama and Joe Biden ticket win....

(Left to Right) President and Vice President of USA (haha)

(Left to right) Palin and McCain

Thursday, August 28, 2008


Man Tiger woods must be the greatest golfer alive check out this crazed fan try to say the glitch in Tiger Woods 08' wasn't real and then see Tiger prove him wrong and attempt something only Jesus can do...

Some Republicans hit new low

I mean I know there is a bottom to the totem but these guys are at the place that resides under ground. It seems sad and just wrong for people to attack in ways like this. It may seem humorous but at the expense of blacks, muslims, american currency, and above all those with a brain. But I guess if Obama can handle death threats (knocks on wood, does his cross) then I can just ignore this and categorize it under the Random Acts of Fuckery (2dopeboyz )hahaha

Monday, August 25, 2008

Good Morning

Man this is mad old but there is final a quality version so you know I have to post it haha. And besides KANYE WEST is in the building swag at ONE HUNDRED THOUSAND MILLION... (well he's not really in the building but he is my fav artist so get to liking it haha)

Here is another rapper I've been watching (or listening to) recently....

Talk About Under The Radar

Well I've had this blog thing for a little less than one year and I've yet to break 100 views...(Loser I am not). But I will say I'm just going under the radar but will eventually score like this Ronaldinho Goal....

hahaha how embarassing....(That is how you will feel after I blow up) Confused and Abused

WOW, It's Been A Long Time SInce I've Done This

The track above is just how I feel at the moment. (Nobody got a swagger like me, always on point like a grid)

So since my last post Obama has picked a running mate. And in doing so, I have to say I like the move. It shows we need change but at the same time structure and stability from an experienced politician. Biden is not only a experienced politician but one who would challenge Obama's ideas and plans in order to have a proper balance for all. I mean picking somebody who would say yes all the time would result in the same thing as the Republicans having control of the house and senate as well as President Bush. But anyways check out the vid that some kid made below.

Now have you played that new Madden (OH MY GOD). I love it more than anything right now (well.... not really but close). Of course you know I had to represent and show that I am a strong follower and purchased that Limited Collectors' Edition. If you wanna challenge me (GAME OR BOW WOW) Just bring it on hahaha. (ZERAICONNECTION Is my Gamertag on XBOX 360)