Monday, October 27, 2008

Palin-Hughley Ticket?!?

Man I can't believe, they gave D.L. Hughley a show on CNN, hahaha mad props to him and good luck (like he'll ever read this lol). I guess America is slowly, surely changing next stop the white house LMAO......


Saturday, October 25, 2008


To be honest anything that comes out featuring KOBE BRYANT, I'm tempted to post (LAKERS ALL THE WAY IN 09). And look who joins Kobe in this video for Guitar Hero's newest series.

Michael Phelps, Alex Rodriguez, and Tony Hawk are the other ones in the video if you didn't know. I've always loved the Guitar in Guitar Hero and the Drums in Rock Band. I may have to make the switch back to Guitar Hero after this commercial lol.


Friday, October 24, 2008

Abel Gives Edge To McCain

I was sent this video from a friend (selamawit) haha good thing I'm an Obama Supporter and I'm waking up early to vote lol...

This video is false in all its entirety. Except the part that said Vote Obama



John Legend - Evolver [Deluxe Edition] - 2008 downloa mp3 baixar gratis musicas Pictures, Images and Photos

John Legend countdown....(BUY EVOLVER OCT. 28)

Download: Can't Be My Lover Bonus Track


Wednesday, October 22, 2008

john ABEL

Okay if you don't know me and haven't figured it out the name is ABEL zerai. I was told about this video from a friend (Yonz) And I searched for it and was so excited haha check out the clip above at about the 55 second mark.....

So the fan "John Abel" won a contest called "Tee Off With Tiger" and he won the grand prize of Tiger Woods coming out to caddie for him. (For some odd reason the grand prize is not the best prize there is the Ultimate Grand Prize of winning a car for the tourney....pretty creative whoever thought of that lol)



Wednesday, October 15, 2008

808's & Heartbreak (UPDATED)

kanye west Pictures, Images and Photos

Hate resides in those who WISH they were as OUTgoing, as SPECtacular, as UNIque, as DIFFerent as those who ARE. Kanye West is my favorite artist (sometimes rapper). The distinction between artist and rapper is that a rapper is tied down to one area opposed to an ARTIST who is always challenging the NORM and breaking the MOLD. Kanye says it best “It’s like judging a grandmother’s love, and someone says ‘Your grandmother gets two and a half mics.’”(Special treat below) (And thanks to Fenix for the tracklisting and 2dopeboyz for the song links.

808's & Heartbreak Tracklisting

1. Welcome to Heartbreak
2. Heartless
3. Love Lockdown
4. Robocop
5. Anyway
6. Street Lights
7. Say You Will
8. Bad News
9. Amazing Feat. Young Jeezy
10. Tell Everybody That You Know Feat. Lil Wayne
11. Coldest Winter (Dedication To His Mother)


One phrase.....


Eminem Pictures, Images and Photos

DOWNLOAD: I'm Having a Relapse


What A Catch, Donnie

Fall Out Boy Pictures, Images and Photos

So you must be surprised I like Fall Out Boy. So Yea I do get over it ya rock(ie ya digg hahaha). Anyways here's a new joint off there upcoming album Folie a Deux (french look it up lol).

Download : What A Catch, Donnie <----Mediafire



Yes We Can Mixtape Cover

America surprise us. And let a black man guide us. The American Dream has one puzzle piece missing. That missing piece is Barack Obama. Martin Luther King Jr. said "I have a dream". His dream has never been so close to becoming reality. Barack Obama has the hope of a nation and that alone should convince people to show support for Obama. If he fails there won't be a man of color in the presidency for years to come, so there is too much for him to lose if he is president. If he succeeds skin color will no longer matter. Children across the world will see the most powerful position in the world is attainable by anyone. John McCain is a war veteran and a "Maverick" but he leads an America of the past, when Barack Obama leads an America of the Future. (Courtesy of 2dopeboyz)

Download : Yes We Can Mixtape


Tuesday, October 14, 2008


Success is more than meets the eye, success is a drive, it is a dire need to achieve, it is what makes an entrepreneur. With out success or goals or accolades to reach for, an entrepreneur would have nothing to reach for. It is what pushes them to follow through with the promises they made to themselves. Entrepreneurs are very bold, unique , and want to be self managed. And the field of entrepreneurship is very broad.



Now I've never really liked dude (personally thought he was whack)...but for some reason I like this song. Maybe it's cuz he is being honest and the music I like the most is from the heart. Hey who knows if his next single and one after that are similar I might be a new fan for plies..... (p.s. cd is titled Da Realist and big ups to 2dopeboyz for the vid)

Download : Heard Of Me


Random Blurb

Everyday I'm hustlin', Everyday I'm hustlin, Everyday Everyday I'm hustlin.......

The average joe "european" schmoe. (he is actually a streetball legend in europe) Hustles Devin Harris into a game of basketball...see for yourself (if you haven't already)

Download Flashback : Hustlin'


Sunday, October 12, 2008

Heartless Snippet (CDQ)

Kanye West Pictures, Images and Photos

Kanye how could you be so heartless
And just drop a snippet
In the night I found a drop
From the greatest artist on the top

hahahaha man I can't wait till Kanye releases the full version

Heartless Snippet


Friday, October 10, 2008


Ahhh man. Next time I don't care. I mean for a while now its been "zzzzzzzzzz". I guess she's still stuck on whoever. And the only thing I can take from this is the lesson learned. (If you wanna know I had plans they didn't happen and now I'm going to work out to relieve the feeling) I will have a back up plan next time lol

Trust me the next will be better than my last
I will just sweep her off her feet instead of ask
I get looked over but I'm never past
Now I present to you the future
Where I am the student and the teacher
My words will never linger
But echo in the halls of the school
If I was to love then I will be labeled as a fool
Unless it was the love of music, cuz then I would rule
She never lets me down, just opposite
Always inspires me, dreams I follow it
Until I'm left with a choice above all else
I got all the love in the world so I share my wealth


Thursday, October 9, 2008


NAS one of my all time favorites. The game see the potential and its getting good. Chris Brown dude got mad skillz. Put them all together you got a great track. The video is interesting and I really like the concept...(maybe if I find an instrumental hmm.... hahaha)

Download: Make The World Go Round RemixFeat. Rick Ross (More than likely you got the original so here's the remix lol)


Wednesday, October 8, 2008




Download : If I Were A Boy

I'll get the real version w/o the aol lady voice....


Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Love Lockdown Official Video

I didn't know Ellen had it like that. It shows how wack MTV and BET are getting... (I mean wtf is Judge Karen BET?). But the video is tight and it only makes me love the song even more. Start saving money for the November 25th release of 808's & Heartbreak. And look out for the second single Heartless coming real soon.


Monday, October 6, 2008

One More Drink...

Luda, Luda, Luda. Man this guy is so hard to hate on because every CD he makes he has one or two gems that just make you love all the songs for some strange reason. Like his last album Release Therapy, when I heard "Money Shaker" I never really liked it but then "Runaway Love" came out and I was like OK this CD is replay material. (If you noticed I only put a download link for runaway love lol)

But now I'm thinking to cop his next album Theatre Of The Mind. I mean I like "Undisputed Feat. Floyd Mayweather" and this track. One more hit and I'll prolly download the entire cd/ a few more hits I might purchase lol.

Download: One More Drink Feat. T-Pain


Saturday, October 4, 2008

Paper Trail

Ok T.I. is back on his "Tip" Top game. His album is probably the best hands down this year (Paper Trail > Carter 3 = Garbage). I've been bumping the CD for maybe 5-6 hours but I already know Jay-Z, 50 Cent, Kanye West, Common are gonna have competition. Anyways he had two unreleased tracks (Only via iTunes) so I thought I'd bless you guys with the bonus tracks (after downloading them imagine the CD).

Download : I Know You Missed Me
Download : Collect Call


Friday, October 3, 2008

Barack Obama on Mike & Mike

Mike and Mike

Imagine a Collegiate Playoffs for Football....OBAMA! OBAMA! OBAMA!

Listen Now: Barack On Mike & Mike


Lil' Bill

Man do I despise Bill O'Reilly. He seems like the ultimate "Jackass". Every time I watch this guy he pisses me off. Anyways the vid to me is pretty funny whether you find it to be so or not, is not my problem...


T.I. & Lupe

Lupe Fiasco one of my favorite rappers linked up with T.I. for a Superstar Remix (As well as Young Jeezy). And T.I. to promote his album Paper Trail (and reach out) did a set with Lupe a few days ago. Personally I loved the remix when it came out (circa Jan/Feb 08'). And seeing them perform together like that gets me thinking about the future (my shine).

Download: Superstar Remix
Added Treat: Superstar Acoustic Version


Thursday, October 2, 2008


Man every since flashing lights remake I've been saying dude is a good artist. Sadly not to many of my friends felt the same. Yo shake and meka (2dopeboyz) hit me up hahaha. Of course I got it from the dope boyz but it don't matter it's on my blog now YA DIG so "Don't Think Less Of Me" (Perfect advertisement drop for Colin Monroe's CD hahaha I'm a genius).

Download : Will I Stay



My crush for Sarah Silverman continues

As I try to sleep I stumble upon this video (courtesy of 2dopeboyz) and I say damn I had a friend the other day who would/should watch this. And I also decide to make it a blog because its important enough to me. REGISTER DEADLINE IS COMING, VOTE FOR CHANGE

In Video:

Adam Levine, Amy Adams, Anthony Kiedis, Ashton Kutcher, Courteney Cox, Demi Moore, Dustin Hoffman, Ellen DeGeneres, Ethan Suplee, eva longoria, Forest Whitaker, Giovanni Ribisi, halle berry, jamie foxx, Jennifer Aniston, jonah hill, Kate Bosworth, Kevin Bacon, Kevin Connolly, Kyra Sedgwick, Laura Linney, Leonardo DiCaprio, Michelle Trachtenberg, Natalie Portman, Tobey Maguire, usher,


Trading Places

My favorite track off of Usher's latest album "Here I Stand" finally has a video. No lie I imagined I and a significant other (no homo) every time this song played. Sadly I and this girl never got to get to the fruit of my loins. Why I just said that I don't really know, but who cares. It's me in third or even fourth gear F the old me hahaha. *Again sorry I couldn't find a download link but once I do I'll update it


Never Say Never

Ok if you haven't already click play on the above link ( I couldn't find a good copy for download sorry). Ok if you've clicked play your ready now.........

I always said I will never get pulled over. I know they say never say never. I used to feel invincible on the road now uhhh..... not so much. I was driving, it's like 12:30 am and if you don't know already I am of darker complexion i.e. black haha. And I'm blasting music on the drive back home after chillin' wit some friends (hopefully with a special one on friday ;) ..... Anyways I'm driving like 50 on the 40 speed limit road (usually I go like 60). And I see this car behind and I'm on 59th ave and Peoria. So something inside me makes me slow down a little, its a COP CAR. And I look down and I was speeding, I'm like shit how far was I speeding. The cop gets closer but still no sirens, I'm clear right, I must be. I drive maybe another mile and I drove perfect. I signal for four seconds as I switch into the lane over blah blah blah. And the Cop just slowly switches as well (But no signal those damn zingy's). Next thing I know the bright lights of red and blue start flashing and I pull over. (So they were checking if I did anything else to fuck up again damn zingy's)

First thing they do is flash there ridiculous lights on the car and I'm blinded (Like I should put on my stunna shades blinded). Its a lady whoooo hooooo!!!! (hot not so much). And tell me why I did the typical black person thing and didn't turn my music down?LMAO She steps up slowly holding her gun on the holster and looks into the back of the car and says hello!? I say hello officer (my voice was confident). She asked do you know what the speed limit is for the area? I say, and very quickly 45 mph (I know I'm lying). She says well actually it is 40 mph. I'm like fuckkkkkk she doesn't believe me at all, I'm screwed I got my license but this is my dads car, I'm not on the insurance I'm screwed up ze ass no pun intended. She says tell you what? I hear that sound that goes something like haaaaaaaa (you know when the clouds spread apart during the beginning of the simpsons intro). I will let you off with a stern warning if I can see your license and registration and insurance. Again I'm like fuccccccckkkkkkk I'm not on the insurance but oh well.

I pull out my license and say I have to open the door in order to get the registration. She says fine I'll help you and shines that bright ass flash light onto the door and out of my face (I tanned just a lil). I find the registration in seconds but no insurance card. Uh oh.... I say "I'm now checking in the glove department" and as I search I feel her eyeing me. And I keep searching and she spots it before I do (I almost crumbled it up in my hand). So I hand her everything and the jeopardy song begins to play in my head (actually "brown skin lady" was playing on the cd player it's by black star)

She returns and says everything is good and to just stay close to 40 and have a goodnight. I reply with my sexy voice "have a goodnight too, with your fine ass" bhahahaha ok the goodnight part was a joke it was just "you too and yo fine ass." lmao

ok ok I'm kidding it was just "have a goodnight too officer call me." She smiled lol I feel like I'm the only one who can say I hit on a police officer and got away with it. But in all seriousness I can still say "I will never get a speeding ticket". Because all I got was a stern warning.


Wednesday, October 1, 2008


Ok this post has no point lol. I just found out I could post blogs through my fone HELLA DOPE!!! Damn this world is so crazy when you think about it. You can do anything. THIS IS A RIC FLAIR/YONZADON MOMENT WHOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!