Thursday, October 2, 2008

Never Say Never

Ok if you haven't already click play on the above link ( I couldn't find a good copy for download sorry). Ok if you've clicked play your ready now.........

I always said I will never get pulled over. I know they say never say never. I used to feel invincible on the road now uhhh..... not so much. I was driving, it's like 12:30 am and if you don't know already I am of darker complexion i.e. black haha. And I'm blasting music on the drive back home after chillin' wit some friends (hopefully with a special one on friday ;) ..... Anyways I'm driving like 50 on the 40 speed limit road (usually I go like 60). And I see this car behind and I'm on 59th ave and Peoria. So something inside me makes me slow down a little, its a COP CAR. And I look down and I was speeding, I'm like shit how far was I speeding. The cop gets closer but still no sirens, I'm clear right, I must be. I drive maybe another mile and I drove perfect. I signal for four seconds as I switch into the lane over blah blah blah. And the Cop just slowly switches as well (But no signal those damn zingy's). Next thing I know the bright lights of red and blue start flashing and I pull over. (So they were checking if I did anything else to fuck up again damn zingy's)

First thing they do is flash there ridiculous lights on the car and I'm blinded (Like I should put on my stunna shades blinded). Its a lady whoooo hooooo!!!! (hot not so much). And tell me why I did the typical black person thing and didn't turn my music down?LMAO She steps up slowly holding her gun on the holster and looks into the back of the car and says hello!? I say hello officer (my voice was confident). She asked do you know what the speed limit is for the area? I say, and very quickly 45 mph (I know I'm lying). She says well actually it is 40 mph. I'm like fuckkkkkk she doesn't believe me at all, I'm screwed I got my license but this is my dads car, I'm not on the insurance I'm screwed up ze ass no pun intended. She says tell you what? I hear that sound that goes something like haaaaaaaa (you know when the clouds spread apart during the beginning of the simpsons intro). I will let you off with a stern warning if I can see your license and registration and insurance. Again I'm like fuccccccckkkkkkk I'm not on the insurance but oh well.

I pull out my license and say I have to open the door in order to get the registration. She says fine I'll help you and shines that bright ass flash light onto the door and out of my face (I tanned just a lil). I find the registration in seconds but no insurance card. Uh oh.... I say "I'm now checking in the glove department" and as I search I feel her eyeing me. And I keep searching and she spots it before I do (I almost crumbled it up in my hand). So I hand her everything and the jeopardy song begins to play in my head (actually "brown skin lady" was playing on the cd player it's by black star)

She returns and says everything is good and to just stay close to 40 and have a goodnight. I reply with my sexy voice "have a goodnight too, with your fine ass" bhahahaha ok the goodnight part was a joke it was just "you too and yo fine ass." lmao

ok ok I'm kidding it was just "have a goodnight too officer call me." She smiled lol I feel like I'm the only one who can say I hit on a police officer and got away with it. But in all seriousness I can still say "I will never get a speeding ticket". Because all I got was a stern warning.


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