Wednesday, February 25, 2009


Lil Wayne

Comfort Omarion Feat. Lil Wayne

The comfort of my world
Begins to unfurl
To the naked eye
I'm a really smooth guy
No ulterior motives
I'm just focused
On what I want, that's you
Guess you didn't know
Things I could do
Places we could go
Discover a land
Filled with beauty
And if you take my hand
It'll be sealed for eternity
The decision's simple
Just say yes
The smile and dimple
Means you fucking with the best
As we sleep on the moon
Not a moment too soon
You realize who you with
Your very own star
Go war with a sith
Don't have to look far
It's the return of the jedi
A to the K I.......D

(If you find the beat send me the link)


Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Dang so I missed

Mixtape Wednesday Last week and almost did the same this week 30 min till. So I'll leave you with a few mixtapes two to be exact haha you got excited for a second didn't you. Both are by my good friend (I wish haha) Charles Hamilton this dude stays on his grind and inspires me to do the same.

charles Pictures, Images and Photos

Every Charles Hamilton Ex-Girlfriend's Worst Nightmare


My Brain Is Alive

Both are a lil late the latter came out last week on WED and the ECHEGWN (crazy acronym lol) came out today


Sunday, February 15, 2009


As a Phoenix Resident I have to say I enjoyed this entire event.....hahaha sounded way too professional lets start over.


Shaq and Kobe

Phoenix Up other towns down (no hate). Man the Jam Session was bomb as fuck I got to see some famous people (not super famous but stars none the less). Watched a decent dunk contest (slacked at the end), and the rest of the festivities were dope. But the definite peak could be summed up in the pic above. Kobe and Shaq(tus) re-unite and Kobe pushed the big fella into a distant memory. I do have to be honest though Shaq does got some moves watch the vid below to see what I mean in case you missed it.


Ahmad, Abel, and MALONE??


It's well worth it


Saturday, February 14, 2009

HIGH!?!?!?!?!? :D

Haha man the good life and please start the song below before you read the lyrics....

That is what I live
Better take a cig
BREAKing through the mold
Whack is gettin' old
Put me on a track
AZ on my back
That is how I want it
I live how I flaunt it
Niggas better to watch out
I'm High no clouds
No smoke
Stay POT
Haters hate me
Cuz they make me
Than ever
I am more clever
Than any cleaver
Put together


Friday, February 13, 2009

Throw Your Ones UP

I should be a canididate for the BEST YEAR EVER lol. I mean school is going great, and it was free. I got to do a lot of things and the year has just begun. This week alone has been bomb maybe BEST WEEK EVER material haha. I'm working on a mixtape and it's coming along obviously I didn't drop it when I wanted to, but that's cause of other things coming in the way like school. Work I found out my job is intact for at least another few months. I went to the all-star jam session today and met some famous people. Drake and Charles Hamilton dropped dope mixtapes this week. I got my first SPORTS ILLUSTRATED mag in the mail the other day (I completely forgot about it too so I'm not a perv). You know what would top it off.... A FINE WOMAN IN MY LIFE I may have to start a "Where Are You AKiD?" campaign in a while bhahaha. anyways hit the link below for drake's new mixtape its hella ill.....

so far gone Pictures, Images and Photos

So Far Gone


Thursday, February 12, 2009

Well Isn't This Awkward

Charles Hamilton is an up and coming artist and I like his material it stays fresh and he's creating his own sound at the same time. If you haven't been up on Charles before then you got some catching up to do (similar to me and my papers right now haha but I keep getting distracted). I also placed a track from the 'tape if ya want to see what you're getting into...


Well Isn't This Awkward

Well Isn't This Awkward -- Charles Hamilton


E.G.O.W. 2

So this weeks "Every Girl Of the Week" is (drum roll..................)


Bar Refaeli the cover girl of SI Swimsuit Edition this year and the girlfriend of Leonardo DiCaprio. As you can see I like white girls haha but don't worry ladies of color your time will come to maybe even next week ;)

New track of Drake's "So Far Gone" mixtape dropping soon (look for that link on here soon)
Nov. 18 - Drake


Monday, February 9, 2009

J. Period Feat. Consequence & KiD CuDi

Kid Cudi Pictures, Images and Photos

(Next big artist above named KiD CuDi)

So the track below is hella ill. Consequence and CuDi do right to this tribute to Q-Tip. And another CuDi collabo that I wished for is completed in the process all I need is a Jay Z collab and a few others (cough cough Andre 3 stacks) then I may be pleased with music today haha.

"couldn't get signed if they had a petition"

Buggin' F. Consequence & KiD CuDi

P.S. (Literally means Post Scriptum/Script) If you didn't know KiD CuDi I highly recommend doing your research


Friday, February 6, 2009

52, 11, *10....

Now I'm not tryna be biased especially since its 2:20 am (as I write this not as I post). But after watching this video L(BJ) or LeBrick as my co-worker Skip Bayless may say (Since I'm blogging and he writes we are co-workers) did not and I repeat did not have a triple double in MSG the other night. It was still spectacular and a great accomplishment but lets take a second to think....

(Check it out at the 1min 50 and after to here the commentator)

Kobe's 61 that game or any game for that matter is always with a finesse, like your watching elegant theater or admiring a Van Gogh art piece. Lebron's 52... or any game is like watching the Vikings brutally murder people in the 17th century entertaining but not winning any awards. Another example my favorite is like Kobe Bean Bryant is and will always be similar to an Oscar Award. He has played the part of Best Support, Best Actor, Best Movie... the list continues but LeBron just wins Best Special Effects or Best Action Flick. Now I'm not saying LeBron won't change cuz he will when he retires be the best to ever play the game in my opinion, but as for right now Kobe has the Killer Instinct hence his nickname "The BLACK MAMBA".


Wednesday, February 4, 2009


So I'm at my new school, Scottsdale Community College. So far, now I'm being honest, it has the highschool make up but the college feel. It's not a huge change from ASU WEST (Yonny I'm working on the parking pass right now haha). But my major, FILM is much better here than ASU so I'm learning a lot more than I would've there (in the sense of hands on). The food is exactly the same as ASU WEST (but they have a 5 dollar FOOT LONG WHOOO HOOO: MERMS HAHAHA REMEMBER THE OTHER MEANING INSIDE JOKE). I spent way too much on food today thank god it's only once a week were I'm buying food. My classes so far are bomb my teachers are legit (all except for the one I start today). And I can say for the first time I'm ready to step up my game if ya feel me.

It's a kick drum soceity
In sense of the melody
That we groove to
That we move to
I shouldn't have to try
I mean I'm the freshest guy
Febreeze wants to sponsor me
So it's my entity
To stay on my game
Focusing, away from lames
Concentrating on the task
Which is being remember after my last




Monday, February 2, 2009

Every Girl

This years first every girl edition. And the First Every Girl of the Week goes to drum roll...

Megan Fox

Megan Fox Pictures, Images and Photos

Damn so you prolly figured it out before finishing the above words (the one above the picture if you're evening reading any of this)

Oddly enough the song that inspired all of this is also the song of the week. "Cuz we like her, and we like her too, I wish I could fuck every girl in the world"... Wayne your insane man hahaha.

Every Girl - Young Money



I've been slacking more than two potheads working the night shift at fry's. (That sounds like a funny idea for a movie so (c) Fry's Heads) Anyways a lot has changed since my last time on here. One I've become a Super Hero at night. I fight the cyber space warriors named P-Ads from the S-wire galaxy. (If you figure out what I'm saying then post a comment explaining and you'll receive an internetgalactic shoutout) Two I've gotten back on my routine of success cuz failure is only fun when you fail at losing. Three I've almost finished an amazing book (title will not be revealed). Four, I've purchased a new xbox and gamertag so hit me up (akid 07) if ya wanna lose in any of the following: madden 09, nba2k9, or Halo 3. Five I don't know if I want to reveal any more so I'll just stop there.

Cardinals ( My home football team ) suffered a lost recently and that was a blow to the ego. Any ways there's always next year. But in case you missed you missed anything yesterday here it is.

Now for how I'm feeling right now.....

I feel unparalleled
Sicker than the average fellow
Flow so exceptional
Attitude special
Cuz I bring the sun out
All the time but no drought
Of good music
Bad, don't know how to do it
Say, hey don't fight
Take a second in the that high life

And return to reality
Return to society
As an abnormality
Stay fundamentally
Never an option
Always plane hopping
Actually shuttle walking
Space gliding