Wednesday, February 25, 2009


Lil Wayne

Comfort Omarion Feat. Lil Wayne

The comfort of my world
Begins to unfurl
To the naked eye
I'm a really smooth guy
No ulterior motives
I'm just focused
On what I want, that's you
Guess you didn't know
Things I could do
Places we could go
Discover a land
Filled with beauty
And if you take my hand
It'll be sealed for eternity
The decision's simple
Just say yes
The smile and dimple
Means you fucking with the best
As we sleep on the moon
Not a moment too soon
You realize who you with
Your very own star
Go war with a sith
Don't have to look far
It's the return of the jedi
A to the K I.......D

(If you find the beat send me the link)


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