Friday, October 16, 2009


So much has changed since Feb. 25, 2009. I've been slackin ttm (f*uckin tucson lingo growing on me haha). First I want to let y'all know that when I put something in parenthesis its what I would say in my head if I was talking to you in person (LoL) Shout out to everyone who has been with me since I've changed for the BETTER to name a few would be doing a lot wrong ya dig. (sidebar I just sighed out loud randomly and this girl looked at me hella weird like that are you okay look and if I was to respond Yah she'd be like Nah hahaah)

Lets see the changes I've made...I play the piano (still learning), I've been acing school, I've lost weight (got more to go Will Smith look out), I've moved out (yea I'm on my own holla at me ladies hahaha), Last night (shout out to chuch) I did stand up poetry at an open mic at ASU (I boy killed it and will do so next thurs), I've written quality stuff lately in I feel like its because I've been more open to the world. Anyways Ermias Meh...(like I would put his entire name on blast haha) asked me a good question the other day why haven't I been blogging. Now I'm not gonna make up for time that was lost but I'll start fresh from here on out...holla at ya BOI



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