Monday, December 7, 2009


Everyone says thats what I am haha its something I'm stuck with.(for the time being)

I'm sitting here at the Hayden Library in Tempe Arizona, and I ask myself, "why am I here." Not in the library but here in this world. Life is so mysterious. One second you can be flying cloud nine and the next looking for answers in the stars. Anyways I'm just bullshitin and this could only be about me....

Then wise words hit me like brick wall via twitter. "Lately, I've been too hard on myself. Time for some self compassion. What about U?" So the theme of this post is self encouragement. We truly lack self encouragement until we can accept who we are. After we do that we discover the drive or the fuel that is inside of us to make changes. Not saying everyone lacks self encouragement but those who feel destined are always just "Dreamers" and if you can't see your dreams as reality then what is the point of dreaming.

I going to accept who I am cuz I see that as whom I'm supposed to be