Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Another Way To DIe

Jack White (The White Stripes) & Alicia Keys link up for the theme song for this years James Bond Quantum Solace (Definitely going to watch that). The song title is, Another Way to Die. And I love how different the song is I mean imagine Aerosmith's Steven Tyler and Madonna linking up on a track thats how this feels to me, MAJOR. (Download song below courtesy of 2dopeboyz)

Download: Another Way To Die


Monday, September 29, 2008

Random Blurb

Ok for those of you who have seen hot rod (or at least the preview). This will be funny to you, and if you're a family guy fan than you'll still think it's funny lol. And my day was ruined because my lil bro deleted heroes from the dvr...(aghhh) Hopefully I can watch it on the computer over the next few days or something.


Ba(Rack) Is Stronger

Barack "Hope" Obama is now what I like to say an ICON. And hopefully after this election a LEGEND. Imagine a generation of people who don't care who is what color because if he gets voted into office no child will grow up knowing that there wasn't a single person of color who wasn't President. And for some reason being anything you can or the "American Dream" seems so much more feasible if he is elected.

Anyways enough preaching if you haven't already watch the short vid above, of Obama rapping Stronger off of Kanye West's Graduation (Call it a remix)


Sunday, September 28, 2008


Now from a marketing perspective this is long overdue. Microsoft should have came out with a commercial like this months ago and should've selected bigger stars than whom they did. I mean Tony Parker, Pharrell and the Guru Guy were cool but if I had the money Bill Gates has I would have gotten Jeter/Kobe/Beckham (either one), Kanye/Chesney/Spears (either one) and last Dr. Phil (cuz lets be honest if I didn't watch the Love Guru I wouldn't have known who that Guru Guy was hahaha).... I mean I'm only saying my idea is better but you should make it happen Bill Gates holla at cha boy lmao.



Carlos Zambrano

Is this finally the year where the Chicago Cubs, CORRECTION MY CHICAGO CUBS get over the hump. Can they get over the BARTMAN incident. I don't know whether they can make it but I do know I believe they can do it. All I have to do is cheer them one game at a time. SO LETS BEAT THE LA DODGERS.........


Through My Eyes Feat. Mars

Saturday, September 27, 2008


I'm finally off on a saturday for the first time in like 4 months I think. Man it feels good, so good I just wanna LET IT ROCK as if the name was KEVIN RUDOLF. lol... I don't know how old the track is but my guess I'm behind since I'm not really on that rock tip and it also features that boy WEEZY. Below I include the link to download the song and above it's the link to the YOUTUBE VID.


Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Please Don't Let Go

yes we can

If you tried to click the download button try again below by clicking the lower link *note you still have to purchase album*
But you can still download one track for free its by Malik Yusef feat. Kanye West and Adam Levine or more like a collabo, its still a real deep track with great meaning. Personally we need something extra terrestrial this election, something unheard of, something of absolute change, it's only a matter of time till we stop getting chances to correct our wrongs. We can no longer be the strongest country in the world but we have to at least recreate the leadership and prestige we once had.

Promise Land

Barack Obama - Yes We Can: Voices Of A Grassroots Movement

Love Hangover

Hip Hop, I can't get over you. (thanks 2dopeboyz)

Sunday, September 21, 2008

Academic Success and Student Integrity

School what is it meant for? To succeed, to achieve, to party, to chill, to fit in, to do all the above, to do none of the above? School is the key to the door of success. To achieve that properly you need to create goals and stay focused. College students must learn to rely on themselves more than they ever have had to in order to reach high education. Stability is also another key in maintain academic success and student integrity, because it allows the student to control his/her actions. Freshman also need to establish a camaraderie with there fellow classmates so in effect it fuels them to attend class. All in all the Integrity of a student will essentially lead to the success of a student.

As an incoming freshman you begin to realize that school is differs in many aspects compared to the high school life. For starters, workload. Each student in college must now put in extra time rather than last minute time which I for one took part in. Also students must learn from their friends not copy their friends. No longer are the days in which you could get an answer or two from the homework from a friend in order to get the 5 points for homework. That alone affects how you will perform in the class. It becomes difficult but at the same time awarding. To know that you put in the extra time and effort and received the results that you wanted.

Planning ahead of time and staying on schedule are key to staying focused. It may seem tough but if a student is able to maintain a schedule then they can maintain success. Setting up schedule time periods for studying as well as relaxing allows you to always have something to look forward to, other than just receiving a degree. Most students tend to crave the college lifestyle so they party or go out, but those who separate party and school and have set times tend to enjoy the two a bit more. Mainly because they cherish both time periods they have given for either of the two. And as long as you make time for friends and time for school a student should do just fine.

Now success on a academic level may require work but it can also be energized by the competition of friends. When you see peers of yours attending class on a regular basis and at the same time enjoying the college environment it only fuels you to do the same. You begin to follow the "work hard, party harder" mantra. To know that you can receive high remarks one day and be the life of the party the next makes you, the student, want to stay in school. Besides there is only so long a student can live off of his/her parents, college scholarships, or friends.

Achieving Academic success is a direct result to maintaining student integrity. Knowing what is wrong and what is right in certain situations allows us as students to keep our head on our shoulders. And learning how to get the most from the college experience only makes the ride better


Well for those of you who don't know, or are just to lazy to read through old posts my name is Abel Zerai. I am California born, and Arizona raised. I have a strong head on my shoulders and always approach life in a logical matter. That's why I am attending Arizona State University to receive a degree for Marketing. I created this blog a little less than a year ago and now I found out my true calling for it. To posts blogs that are required to pass my ASU 101 class haha what a coincidence. Anyways as you can see I do more than just say who I am check out the blogs below.

Saturday, September 20, 2008



You know I had to make the picture extra big haha. This is my first post of my own song that I ever done. I never usually even have my ish to be downloadable but please download it and comment on this post and tell me what you think.


Friday, September 19, 2008

It's Over

Ok aside from the throwback picture above this is a hot post. John Legend and Mr. West link up to create an instant radio hit which is from John Legend's up and coming release Evolver in October (I think). I see this all over (maybe not in AZ) in about a month or less depending on how fast radio's discover this post and rip the song haha. Kanye kills it ya'll check it out.

It's Over feat. Kanye West

Thursday, September 18, 2008

Barack On Letterman

(part one)

(part two)

(part three)

Barack Obama was on Letterman a little over a week ago, and I just felt that I had to post this video. Personally I did my research and didn't just picked Obama because the pigment of my skin, and likewise I didn't just "not" pick McCain. Even as Obama speaks on Letterman he seems so real, so down to earth, and is the voice of change. America was built on tradition and hope.

There Can Only Be One...KING


Kanye's Protege, Consequence does it again the track is ill and it's produce by Statik Selektah... There can only be one BLOGGER.

Consequence- There Can Only Be One

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

On Top Of The World

T.I. links up with Ludacris and B.o.B. songs pretty fresh. And since I'm on top of the blogging world by popular demand I had to hit you with this one hahaha.

On Top Of The World

Falling In Love Can Be Easy

Raphael Saadiq has been apart of music for three decades, formerly being part of the 90's group Tony! Tone! Toni!, and has produced or had a hand in producing for artists such as Macy Gray, The Roots, and D'Angelo (yes thats the naked video guy). Personally I didn't even know who the guy was until I heard Jay-Z remix a song with him (below) and I even thought he was some new artist. Well I did research and what not and I have to say I like his vibe. His new album titled "The Way I See It" is pretty unique and I had to post is as a blog so check him out.

Oh Girl Remix Feat. Jay-Z
The Way I See It Album



Okay it was only going to be a matter of time until I unleashed the gamer inside me lol. And I would drop my XBOX Live Name right now but I'm in the process of getting a new one. And once I do I'll drop some gamer knowledge on whoever wants to get beat I mean my record previously was UNBEATABLE haha ya digg. I mean like my man Asher Roth Says I'm the best in year 2000 Thousand and I ain't even a true gamer hahaha. Anyways the game releases October 31st so get in the extra practice cuz I'm going to be getting my Jason on that night and murder gamers free of charge.

Asher Roth - Roth Boys

Just in case you don't know who Asher Roth is click the song above and download it to check him out

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Random Blurb

Haha Seth McFarland man that guy is paid. Just imagine making cartoons for a living and you act out every voice, write almost every script, and be in charge of how its ran. He kinda pays himself to do those things lol all he has to do is get sponsors.





Monday, September 15, 2008

Incase You Couldn't Make it


To the best concert over the summer to attend to and I'm talking about the Glow In The Dark Tour (big ups to my boy fenix for getting the audio) .....



1.The Mission
2.Good Morning
3.I Wonder
4.Heard'em Say
5.Through The Wire
7.Get'em High
9.Can't Tell Me Nothing
10.Put On
11.Flashing Lights
12.Spaceship & All Falls Down
13.Gold Digger
14.Good Life
15.Jesus Walks
16.Hey Mama
17.Don't Stop Believing
18.Stronger Interlude
21.Touch The Sky
22.NYC Speech [Full 8/5/08]
Time - 1:36:02


Zshare tracks 1-11

zshare tracks 12-22

Random Blurb

This video is old like real old but if you haven't seen it here it is haha. I'll have some new post real soon with some relevancy lol. Oh and check out "I'm Fucking Ben Affleck" it may be funnier and has mad cameos from so many famous people.

Friday, September 12, 2008


This may not be a big deal to you. But rappers respecting rappers is a big deal. And what makes it even bigger for me is Nelly is the one who got me into Hip Hop/R&B/A lot of other genres. I mean the first rapper I ever honestly said he is my favorite I have all his albums was Nelly. To this day I own his Country Grammar original disc, Nellyville original disc, St. Lunatics original disc, Sweat/ Suit original disc, and I more than likely (yes in this day and age) buy his Brass Knuckles album. I mean I don't even own my now favorite rappers first original disc, College Dropout. But oh well, big ups to Lil Wayne for showing love and 2dopeboyz for finding the video on youtube

This Guy Gets My Mentality


All I ever do is imagine resting in the skies. Whether(Weather lol) I am there because I lived a good life or I am living the GOOD LIFE, all I ever think about is making it. As in I am financially stable, and have the stardom/respect that I deserve and I deserve it all (Charles Hamilton). Anyways this was just a random blurb while I'm sitting here reading about NEIL SIMON, ( wiki the name) for my next class.

I'll Be In The Sky

Wednesday, September 10, 2008


THE COOL KIDS Pictures, Images and Photos

Aight so THE COOL KIDS, are an up and coming HipHop duo. If you haven't heard of them you must be sleeping under a rock or still live in the pre-bill gates era. Anyways they have a few new/unreleased tracks that are pretty hot in my opinion I mean imagine slapping this in your trunk(black for playing music loudly while cruising the city)....sidenote* do you see the hat MICKEY ROCKS (left) is wearing... ARIZONA!!!

If It Rocks, Let It Knock


Monday, September 8, 2008


Ok so the VMA's were yesterday and I have to say it was better than usual but still a half-hearted attempt at an award show. It seemed like the winners were so predictable. (And is Tokio Hotel all guys or is the singer a chick???) Anyways here is the new song from kanye west's rumored next album (I say rumored because it's rumored to drop this december)

After hearing the song above I was inspired to pencil in my version or the way I see the song......(sidenote play the above video and imagine yourself or I singing the below lyrics). Special Treat after my verses....

(My Part)
She's the hottest girl
Maybe not to you
But she rocks my world
And I rock her's too
What am I to do
Lost train of thought
This feelings new
Love can't be bought

So you never know
Never never know
Never know enough
Til its over love
Till we lose control
System overload
Screaming no no no no no

(My part)
But now I'm rich
And temptations here
Separate real from bitch
Now the pictures clear
I must be faithful now
She's like no other
Shouldn't have to ask how
She's the perfect lover

So keep your love lockdown
Your love lockdown
So keep your love lockdown
Your love lockdown
So keep your love lockdown
Your love lockdown

You keep your love lockdown (your move)


Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Pass me the baROCK

I have to say Barack Obama has some skills and current President of the US ehh.... anyways just watch the video and form your own opinion lol


Haha watching this made me laugh (just a lil chuckle). I mean can you say SALTY (cho cho cho cho), not only did President Bill Clinton get rejected but he had to watch Future President Barack Obama get the pecker on the cheek. (Is something going on *wink wink)

Tuesday, September 2, 2008

New ish, New Shhhhh

LUPEnd....(Lupe please don't retire, your music is my music)

And Anotha.....