Sunday, September 21, 2008

Academic Success and Student Integrity

School what is it meant for? To succeed, to achieve, to party, to chill, to fit in, to do all the above, to do none of the above? School is the key to the door of success. To achieve that properly you need to create goals and stay focused. College students must learn to rely on themselves more than they ever have had to in order to reach high education. Stability is also another key in maintain academic success and student integrity, because it allows the student to control his/her actions. Freshman also need to establish a camaraderie with there fellow classmates so in effect it fuels them to attend class. All in all the Integrity of a student will essentially lead to the success of a student.

As an incoming freshman you begin to realize that school is differs in many aspects compared to the high school life. For starters, workload. Each student in college must now put in extra time rather than last minute time which I for one took part in. Also students must learn from their friends not copy their friends. No longer are the days in which you could get an answer or two from the homework from a friend in order to get the 5 points for homework. That alone affects how you will perform in the class. It becomes difficult but at the same time awarding. To know that you put in the extra time and effort and received the results that you wanted.

Planning ahead of time and staying on schedule are key to staying focused. It may seem tough but if a student is able to maintain a schedule then they can maintain success. Setting up schedule time periods for studying as well as relaxing allows you to always have something to look forward to, other than just receiving a degree. Most students tend to crave the college lifestyle so they party or go out, but those who separate party and school and have set times tend to enjoy the two a bit more. Mainly because they cherish both time periods they have given for either of the two. And as long as you make time for friends and time for school a student should do just fine.

Now success on a academic level may require work but it can also be energized by the competition of friends. When you see peers of yours attending class on a regular basis and at the same time enjoying the college environment it only fuels you to do the same. You begin to follow the "work hard, party harder" mantra. To know that you can receive high remarks one day and be the life of the party the next makes you, the student, want to stay in school. Besides there is only so long a student can live off of his/her parents, college scholarships, or friends.

Achieving Academic success is a direct result to maintaining student integrity. Knowing what is wrong and what is right in certain situations allows us as students to keep our head on our shoulders. And learning how to get the most from the college experience only makes the ride better

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