Tuesday, February 19, 2008


Ok now I'm one to be on the butt end of the joke from time to time and let me tell you it sucks. Just 2 weekends ago my house was TP'd (Toilet Paper was thrown over my tree, yard, etc...). Of course I saw who did it but it was too late damage had been done. Then on another occasion I went to a friends house to play in a NBA 2k8 Tourney (I smashed) but when I came outside a few minutes after victory I was one of three cars to get written on by white marker and glitter tossed all over it. So when it comes to jokes I know how pitcher Kyle Kendrick feels. Actually how could I this joke is just impossible to top. Not only did they get the players for the Philadelphia Phillies, but the coaching staff, his agent news reporters the whole nine yards. The buildup to the end is priceless hahaha you just have to see it with your own eyes.

Saturday, February 16, 2008


The Three Time Heavyweight World Champion and One time Olympic Gold Medalist winner in the Light Heavyweight division, the outspoken and wiz of the words, the nation defiant and rebel, Cassius "Muhammad Ali" Clay Jr. is the greatest boxer of all time, one of the most important people during the Civil Rights Era for how he sparked hoped into a nation mixed with hate and love, and probably the greatest Athlete/Entertainer of the Past Century.

Now all that is said above is not in full detail of a man who created a swagger and charm that will be unforgettable, or the full extent of a man who will all ways be considered the Greatest. But it is a brief way of putting all of it into just a few lines. To get to the main point of this blog is LIFE.

The way we live day to day will always vary. How you ask? Well, if you ended a day on a good note you tend to start the next the same. For Example, if you got paid from work on a friday and realized you had the day off the next day, you would be excited to do something fun. But the same can go for a bad day, like if you realized you need to pay off your school and the government with a sum coincidently the same as your bank account savings then saturday is going to suck. Get the picture...

Now back on point and you must wonder how Muhammad Ali goes with all this. His form of pre-mature hip hop when he spoke always left people excited and left them with a lil something, so I now leave you with a lil information on how to live your life....

Friday, February 15, 2008


Ok the other day while I was browsing the web (browsing the web seems like a funny phrase idk) I saw this title Travis Barker and ?eustlove Drum-Off. I brushed it aside thinking I'm not that big of a fan of drum-offs and maybe I won't like it. Well fast-forward 20 some odd hours I'm in a mood that is willing to watch anything (I just woke up lol). So I go back to my fav hip hop website (thanks sam) and I watch it.

The drumming style of Travis Barker is just insane and not only can he do rock style drumming he sounds like he can do any type of drum style that is out there. ?uestlove on the other hand has mastered his form of Hip Hop drumming and I don't think anyone out there can compete with him unless its some unknown talent yet to be discovered (we'll wait a few years). The video last about 5 minutes but from the get go, you seem tranced to watch Travis Barker dish out some impressive stuff. Not only was this video intriguing I really feel like getting back to learning the piano, and after attack the drums.

TB vs. ?UEST

Tuesday, February 5, 2008


SUPER TUESDAY. It is now here and it seems more than ever that Young America "Generation Next" is ready for the torch to be passed. Our parents and elders no longer control the racism, the hate, the division in our government. Our Generation does not look at someone different and shuns them, we often tend to embrace them. Our Generation is able to make a change that will change history. Our Generation is ready for a new world in which we would first fix within our country before traveling to overseas. I am an 18 Year Old Freshman In College Who Will Vote For The First Time. I am GENERATION NEXT and I will vote for BARACK OBAMA....

Monday, February 4, 2008



The Past Off-Season to Now Season in Basketball has been hectic especially for the LOS ANGELES LAKERS.

It is now 2008 Mid-Season for the Los Angeles Lakers who were playing the best basketball of the Post-Shaq era(no pun intended) before the injury of Young Up & Coming Star Andrew Bynum(pictured above on the left). They held 1st seed in the tough west for maybe 5 days max after the injury and now have slipped to the weary 5th seed which is the toughest match-up to win when going up against a formidable opponent at 4th or vice versa. So what does Mitch Kupchak and staff decided to do? The best possible thing for not necessarily replacing.........well yea, the biggest 1st round bust of the past decade Kwame Brown with a once Rookie of the Year and Former All Star Selection Pau Gasol (Pictured above on the right).

This trade may in fact keep Kobe Bryant and if not at least prepare for his departure (quite unlikely due to Lakers will have the most to offer money and talent wise). As a die-hard Lakers Fan lets see you match-up against us now Phoenix Once we are healthy.(hahaha) The Lakers now have two of the young big man hopefuls on their team and now have a line-up as big as the Twin Towers in the late 90's (Tim Duncan & David Robinson). The Front Court for LA will now contain a 7 Foot Center a 7 Foot Power Forward a 6'11 Small Forward. The Back Court will also have the best player in basketball Kobe Bryant and the team leader Derek Fisher who is also being a great mentor for Jordan Farmar.


A healthy Laker team is now the fear of all NBA teams especially the declining elite. So lets fast forward to maybe 2009 when the Lakers win the championship and shut up all the talk of they should have kept Shaq, or Kobe wants to be traded, or Kobe will opt out, and band wagon fans once again embrace "Showtime".