Friday, February 15, 2008


Ok the other day while I was browsing the web (browsing the web seems like a funny phrase idk) I saw this title Travis Barker and ?eustlove Drum-Off. I brushed it aside thinking I'm not that big of a fan of drum-offs and maybe I won't like it. Well fast-forward 20 some odd hours I'm in a mood that is willing to watch anything (I just woke up lol). So I go back to my fav hip hop website (thanks sam) and I watch it.

The drumming style of Travis Barker is just insane and not only can he do rock style drumming he sounds like he can do any type of drum style that is out there. ?uestlove on the other hand has mastered his form of Hip Hop drumming and I don't think anyone out there can compete with him unless its some unknown talent yet to be discovered (we'll wait a few years). The video last about 5 minutes but from the get go, you seem tranced to watch Travis Barker dish out some impressive stuff. Not only was this video intriguing I really feel like getting back to learning the piano, and after attack the drums.

TB vs. ?UEST

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