Tuesday, October 20, 2009


Haha it took a scattered two years but look ma I did it 100 posts. So I've been reading this book (I can't tell you the title sorry) and its giving me a new perspective on life or should I say shifting my perspective as my fortune cookie foretold lol. I see things a lot clearer nowadays. I understand what I have to do and what I want to do. A lot of times people in life get lost along the road to success and happiness, never realizing that happiness just takes hope to believe and success takes determination to achieve (damn I'm getting deeper with words day by day). In the words of Kanye, "They say your attitude determines your latitude, I guess I'm high as a motherf*cker fly as a motherf*cker." That's how I'm feeling lately. Nothing can stop me. I mean I can be stopped but at the moment I CAN'T BE STOPPED. Ya feel me.

Anyways I'll leave y'all with a lil something I did last thursday at this open mic

My biggest pet peeve in life is that people don't see it as I do
They don't understand that roses are red because the skies blue
Or that beautiful skin in itself is a tattoo
I mean if I had to
I'd rather ink my name in the pages of history oppose to my back or chest
My biggest pet peeve in life is that people don't hear it as I do
They don't understand that actions speak louder than words
Carefully placed in between nouns and verbs
To them it is unheard to be different
And speaking of different if we are all trying to be different
Are we all the same
Instead of making a name
Why don't we change and just be
You see to be is to do and to do is believe
That is why when I go to school I roll up my mental sleeve
And dig into the knowledge being served
Eating up every word
And as I chew on every thought
My own opinions are formed oppose to bought
My biggest pet peeve in life is that people don't live it as I do
Every breathe a blessing
Every step a journey
Every blink a picture
Every dream a reality....


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