Tuesday, October 27, 2009

What's on the PlayList

Soulja Boy,Drake

Who saw the above duo happening (and the one that should happen in the future SMH) The track is dope though I have to admit haha. And I can't believe that soulja boy said "I just got a new deal I ain't talking pickle" LMAO...

Play Ball Feat. Drake : MediaFire

Lupe Fiasco. Pictures, Images and Photos

LUPE! LUPE! LUPE! Man I love this freestyle Lupe is so sick better than the two ^^. Especially with the line "I don't trust America after watching Zeitgeist". Haven't watched the movie yet but I hear it changes your view on America for real.

All the Way Turnt Up : MediaFire

Wale Pictures, Images and Photos

Final treat for y'all would have to be the cut track off of Attention Deficit titled "Letter feat. John Mayer". Its a Letter to President Obama, and Tupac. It's an interesting connection how he "writes" a Letter to Tupac and the President. Pretty deep I don't know why he didn't put it on the album cuz he will have the ears of a lot of people when his cd drops. (Sadly no one really listens to music anymore) With a line for Tupac like "See you never had a son in the physical or literal but years later there's still a bunch of lil you's" You should definitely cop the album (purchase) when it comes out.

Letter Feat. John Mayer : MediaFire

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