Wednesday, February 4, 2009


So I'm at my new school, Scottsdale Community College. So far, now I'm being honest, it has the highschool make up but the college feel. It's not a huge change from ASU WEST (Yonny I'm working on the parking pass right now haha). But my major, FILM is much better here than ASU so I'm learning a lot more than I would've there (in the sense of hands on). The food is exactly the same as ASU WEST (but they have a 5 dollar FOOT LONG WHOOO HOOO: MERMS HAHAHA REMEMBER THE OTHER MEANING INSIDE JOKE). I spent way too much on food today thank god it's only once a week were I'm buying food. My classes so far are bomb my teachers are legit (all except for the one I start today). And I can say for the first time I'm ready to step up my game if ya feel me.

It's a kick drum soceity
In sense of the melody
That we groove to
That we move to
I shouldn't have to try
I mean I'm the freshest guy
Febreeze wants to sponsor me
So it's my entity
To stay on my game
Focusing, away from lames
Concentrating on the task
Which is being remember after my last




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