Friday, February 6, 2009

52, 11, *10....

Now I'm not tryna be biased especially since its 2:20 am (as I write this not as I post). But after watching this video L(BJ) or LeBrick as my co-worker Skip Bayless may say (Since I'm blogging and he writes we are co-workers) did not and I repeat did not have a triple double in MSG the other night. It was still spectacular and a great accomplishment but lets take a second to think....

(Check it out at the 1min 50 and after to here the commentator)

Kobe's 61 that game or any game for that matter is always with a finesse, like your watching elegant theater or admiring a Van Gogh art piece. Lebron's 52... or any game is like watching the Vikings brutally murder people in the 17th century entertaining but not winning any awards. Another example my favorite is like Kobe Bean Bryant is and will always be similar to an Oscar Award. He has played the part of Best Support, Best Actor, Best Movie... the list continues but LeBron just wins Best Special Effects or Best Action Flick. Now I'm not saying LeBron won't change cuz he will when he retires be the best to ever play the game in my opinion, but as for right now Kobe has the Killer Instinct hence his nickname "The BLACK MAMBA".


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