Monday, February 2, 2009


I've been slacking more than two potheads working the night shift at fry's. (That sounds like a funny idea for a movie so (c) Fry's Heads) Anyways a lot has changed since my last time on here. One I've become a Super Hero at night. I fight the cyber space warriors named P-Ads from the S-wire galaxy. (If you figure out what I'm saying then post a comment explaining and you'll receive an internetgalactic shoutout) Two I've gotten back on my routine of success cuz failure is only fun when you fail at losing. Three I've almost finished an amazing book (title will not be revealed). Four, I've purchased a new xbox and gamertag so hit me up (akid 07) if ya wanna lose in any of the following: madden 09, nba2k9, or Halo 3. Five I don't know if I want to reveal any more so I'll just stop there.

Cardinals ( My home football team ) suffered a lost recently and that was a blow to the ego. Any ways there's always next year. But in case you missed you missed anything yesterday here it is.

Now for how I'm feeling right now.....

I feel unparalleled
Sicker than the average fellow
Flow so exceptional
Attitude special
Cuz I bring the sun out
All the time but no drought
Of good music
Bad, don't know how to do it
Say, hey don't fight
Take a second in the that high life

And return to reality
Return to society
As an abnormality
Stay fundamentally
Never an option
Always plane hopping
Actually shuttle walking
Space gliding


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