Friday, February 13, 2009

Throw Your Ones UP

I should be a canididate for the BEST YEAR EVER lol. I mean school is going great, and it was free. I got to do a lot of things and the year has just begun. This week alone has been bomb maybe BEST WEEK EVER material haha. I'm working on a mixtape and it's coming along obviously I didn't drop it when I wanted to, but that's cause of other things coming in the way like school. Work I found out my job is intact for at least another few months. I went to the all-star jam session today and met some famous people. Drake and Charles Hamilton dropped dope mixtapes this week. I got my first SPORTS ILLUSTRATED mag in the mail the other day (I completely forgot about it too so I'm not a perv). You know what would top it off.... A FINE WOMAN IN MY LIFE I may have to start a "Where Are You AKiD?" campaign in a while bhahaha. anyways hit the link below for drake's new mixtape its hella ill.....

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So Far Gone


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