Friday, October 10, 2008


Ahhh man. Next time I don't care. I mean for a while now its been "zzzzzzzzzz". I guess she's still stuck on whoever. And the only thing I can take from this is the lesson learned. (If you wanna know I had plans they didn't happen and now I'm going to work out to relieve the feeling) I will have a back up plan next time lol

Trust me the next will be better than my last
I will just sweep her off her feet instead of ask
I get looked over but I'm never past
Now I present to you the future
Where I am the student and the teacher
My words will never linger
But echo in the halls of the school
If I was to love then I will be labeled as a fool
Unless it was the love of music, cuz then I would rule
She never lets me down, just opposite
Always inspires me, dreams I follow it
Until I'm left with a choice above all else
I got all the love in the world so I share my wealth


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