Monday, August 25, 2008

WOW, It's Been A Long Time SInce I've Done This

The track above is just how I feel at the moment. (Nobody got a swagger like me, always on point like a grid)

So since my last post Obama has picked a running mate. And in doing so, I have to say I like the move. It shows we need change but at the same time structure and stability from an experienced politician. Biden is not only a experienced politician but one who would challenge Obama's ideas and plans in order to have a proper balance for all. I mean picking somebody who would say yes all the time would result in the same thing as the Republicans having control of the house and senate as well as President Bush. But anyways check out the vid that some kid made below.

Now have you played that new Madden (OH MY GOD). I love it more than anything right now (well.... not really but close). Of course you know I had to represent and show that I am a strong follower and purchased that Limited Collectors' Edition. If you wanna challenge me (GAME OR BOW WOW) Just bring it on hahaha. (ZERAICONNECTION Is my Gamertag on XBOX 360)

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