Tuesday, April 29, 2008


On a scale of one to ten the tour was OUTTA THIS WORLD. No joke. FNF Up! Lupe Fiasco came out hard doing a total of 10 songs ( I think) and had his entire crew there for the ride. Next came N*E*R*D the greatest energy that I have ever seen period. They had crowd involvement to the max and then some and seriously I was like 5 feet from a Billionaire Boys Club shirt falling my way (till then I guess I keep dreaming, keep keep dreaming). Also while they performed Lupe came out as Darth Vader and Kanye came out in his Bape zip up hoodie (footage below of the exact concert TUCSON). When Kanye came out security didn't know what to do with us. I originally started, literally, near the stage but security pushed us back then ended up a few rows back standing on chairs still same effect my voice was gone and hearing was down. hahaha. All in all it was amazing and I don't want to spoil to much so thats why detail is low but hey if you have a chance to watch this live I recommend dropping the dough.

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