Thursday, April 24, 2008

Lakers 122 Nuggets 107


It seems like the ship (the championSHIP) is set to make a long float(ride). When you check the stats and see that KB24 had 49 points you almost assume what happened during the game... well the first and fourth quarters went that way "sorta". Kobe did score 20 in the first but it came in the span of maybe 7 minutes and Kobe did score 19 points in the fourth quarter which came in at an amazing 4 and a half minute span. But the biggest key to the win was when the Lakers pulled out to their 10 point lead in the final minutes of the third when Kobe contributed only 2 pts (check sportscenter's top ten in the morning or youtube) and 4 assists. This made Nuggets decided Kobe or the Lakers and from the look of the fourth quarter they said give it to Kobe and he slapped them right back hahaha....

Yessssssssssss We Are making that Dynasty Run.

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